29 December 2010

I wrote this post last year...

But it seems just as familiar now.

I hate this, when you've missed someone so much, like so much it hurts, ever had that feeling? You put all your heart, all your soul and all the willpower you have left inside you into moving on. You do it, and you finally start to feel happy again, and they just walk back in, and say the things they used to say, and do the things they used to do, they wear the same clothes, smell the same, look the same...and all the hard work goes, and you're left, absolutely heartbroken again, because you're so in love with that person, and you want things to go back to how they were.
Deep down, you know, that things will never go back, because they were never really there. You know that all the things he said were a lie, and all the things he did were wrong, but you can't help but love him.
You tell your heart to move on and your head to let go but your feet stay firmly rooted to that spot, and you're screaming and shouting, tears streaming down your face and you're secretly wishing him to walk through the door and scoop you up in his arms and tell you everythings going to be okay.

love hurts...
and you want it to go back, like so much? and your friends don't understand, and your best friend is his best friend, and well...all your friends are his friends. and he moves on, and then leaves you there, making you look stupid. You find yourself thinking about him, all the time, and then talking about them. Then people realise and you look like an idiot because then they all tease you.

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