7 September 2010



It's 10:30pm, and I'm still doing school work, and I doubt I will be done by midnight.

love life. not.

7th September 2010

I haven't written a post since January, so thought it may be a good idea to start again.

Lots of things have changed since January;
I got really ill, I'm still ill and it's really really annoying..
I met a guy, we dated, we broke up and now we're best friends, which is such a blessing because he is SO great to me.
I made friends with people who I never thought I'd be friends with, and now they're so special to me because I can fully trust them.
I passed my first year of sixth form, despite having almost 3 months off school.
I got a job, I am now a waitress in a cute little cafe!

I grew up...and i realised that I needed to work hard, and focus on more important things if I wanted to get anywhere in my life.

Oh, and on Thursday, I'm going to Cork with Kyle.
It's so beautiful, and I am so, so excited!
it's so pretty...and I am so excited!

I start my new job on the 18th, I'm nervous, and also looking forward to it...it means that I'll start having more money...which is always good!